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CANDITO TRAINING HQ. CANDITO TRAINING HQ. Candito Advanced Bench Program - Explanation This volume intensive program is built to specialize in the bench press over a six week cycle and is the program I personally used to break through a year long plateau. 23/07/2018 · When someone comes to me complaining about their lagging bench press numbers, I always start by asking the same question: "Do you even bench?" Their knee-jerk answer is yes, but a closer look at their program tells me "barely." The training programs people show. 18/05/2009 · 6-Week Bench Press Program. Now that you know how to lift serious weight, it's time to put your new technique into action. I created this six-week program exclusively for T-Nation, based on the principles I learned as a competitive powerlifter at Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. Table of Contents 8 Week Powerlifting Program8 Week Powerlifting Peaking CycleWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8 Table of Contents: RPE Chart Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Training hard only gets you so.

The 9 week bench blast is a programme designed to let a lifter peak for a new personal best attempt or to get ready for a powerlifting competition. It uses a 3 block approach based off three training zones. Block 1 – 50-70% – Volume accumulation and confidence building. Goal – to allow the lifter to freshen up and get in 3 weeks of good work. This is a variation of the Smolov Powerlifting program, with some of the numbers and percentages tuned down to a more reasonable expectation for the bench press. Please do not do this program if you are not already benching multiple times per week and are effectively stretching and warming up both your chest and shoulders. Smolov Jr. is an abbreviated version of the Smolov squatting protocol. It is also very often used for bench press. For many of you, this 4-day per week regimen will include some of the toughest sets you’ve ever attempted. However, if you stick with it and add weight intelligently, you.

Ed Coan Peaking Program 1. This spreadsheet will draft up a 12 week program consisting of one workout per week. It attempts to increase your 1RM by 11.1% by the end of week 12. While Ed doesn't believe in following strict schemes as such, this program follows a sample routine he gave in a Powerlifting USA magazine several years ago. Here's an article from Powerlifting USA reviewing Ed Coan's Bench Press Video. The writer describes Ed's periodized training scheme and gives a detailed example. If you want to try the bench cycle for yourself, just scale the prescribed weights according to your current max. The lifter in the example has a 1. What we have below is the most simplistic, applicable and effective bench press we've seen and trust me we've tried a lot. There is no hidden secret, shortcut or voodoo here. Just what has worked for us; three guys with average genetics trying to maximize our potential. The program is 4 weeks long and is a peaking program.

6 Week Soviet Peaking Program. This spreadsheet will draft up a 6 week program consisting of two workouts per week light and heavy days. It attempts to increase your 1RM by 5% by the end of week 6. This routine was presented to John Abdo by Soviet Weightlifting coach Yuri Verkhoshansky, when Abdo was in the Soviet Union in 1989. The WeighTrainer Powerlifting Spreadsheets. A General Note About The Use Of These Spreadsheets The 6 Week Power Bench Press Program 12 Week Bench Press Peaking Program 6 Week Soviet Peaking Program Gene Bell Jr.'s Squat Program Ed Coan Peaking Program 1 12 weeks. TAGS: recover session, RPE training, setup practice, bench peaking program, big bench, percentage-based training, Nick Benerakis, Russian peaking program, visualization, bench press. If you follow the advice given in this article I am confident that you will hit your biggest bench press at your next powerlifting meet.

Peaking – AKA how to hit PRs in meets •.

8 WEEK PEAK. Weeks: Week 1/ Week 2 / Week 3/ Week 4. Week 1. MONDAY: Chest/Tricep/Light upper back Seated rows: 4×10 warm up-Flat bench 1×8 2×6 2×4. I've always had a pretty strong fear of failing and this program has essentially forced me to overcome that. Just getting past that mental block has made a big difference in being able to go for a little more and push myself for another rep. My squat depth is better, my bench is more confident and I just feel like a more confident lifter all. Areas of Weakness These are areas I needed to focus on, but remember everything needs to get stronger as you look at any program: Glutes/Hips deadlift lockout/mid-squat, Shoulders/Triceps bench lockout. Notes Regarding Max Effort ME Work The ME lifts I chose are what I’ve seen benefit my raw numbers so far, yours may be different. This is a peaking program for shirted benchers to be used 7 weeks out from a meet or those looking to test a max at the end! This program is adjustable for both beginner/intermediate lifters, and advanced lifters! The strategies used in this program has helped our.

08/06/2014 · This program is designed to make you at least 15% stronger while adding 7 pounds of muscle on your body – distributed in such a way that it will not only make you look a lot larger, but more powerful. The 915 program uses the three powerlifts squat, bench press, deadlift and the. The WeighTrainer Fred Hatfield's Peaking Program. This spreadsheet will draft up a 9 week program consisting of two workouts per week one heavy and one light day. It attempts to increase your 1RM by 10% by the end of week 9. 08/12/2000 · So for example, you might use the above program for your back squat, then take 3 weeks off from the squat altogether focusing on weak-link muscle groups, whatever they happen to be for you, then embark upon the following Soviet Squat Routine, based upon your 1RM which was generated from the first peaking cycle. Soviet Squat Routine.

6 Week Powerlifting Program Outline. The 6 week powerlifting program includes a mixture of hypertrophy and strength work to make sure you build muscle while your strength increases. Towards the end of the cycle, however, volume is decreased to begin preparing you for maximal strength output. HOME Supplements Gym Equipment Kayak Fishing Gear Automotive Knee Wrap Reference Page Powerlifting Routines "THRESHER" SEMA Build. Spread Sheets and Calculators. Maryland Powerlifting 12 Week Bench Program - Brad Gillingham inspired. The 6 Week Power Bench Press Program. ED COAN's Peaking Program. 27/06/2019 · In this video I am reviewing the most recent program that I did, it is the 6 week Soviet peaking powerlifting program. I have used this program to increase my 1 rep max on the bench press. I managed to increase it by 8 % 7.5 kg from 92.5 kg to 100 kg. This program runs over 6 weeks with 2 workouts per week. One day is a light.

6 Week Bench Press Cure T Nation.

Bench Press programs designed to target specific weak points in the movement. We have program templates available to increase your bench press strength, explosiveness, technique, and specific weaknesses such as lockout strength, strength off the chest, and more! Ed Coan never had beginners in mind when creating this routine. You should at least be an intermediate lifter before attempting the program. This is a very difficult program, and some of the numbers may even seem impossible. This is one of the only programs that helped Philippi increase his Deadlift, and he says he’s had 100% success with it.

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